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Computer Languages. Computer Science. Electronic Engineering. Linux and Unix. Microsoft and. Lecture 7. Linear Transformations. Nullspace is a subspace. Derivative and Linear Independence. Intersection of Range. Lecture 8. Rank-Nullity Theorem Proof. One to one iff Linearly Independent.

Lecture notes

Linear Extension Theorem. Linear Transformation with a given range. Lecture 9. Matrix with respect to a basis. Lecture Matrix Multiplication. Why Matrix Multiplication Works. AB vs. Left and Right Inverse optional. Isomorphism and Dimension.

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Differentiate with Linear Algebra. Change of coordinates. Reflection about a line. Integrate with change of coordinates optional. How to find a dual basis.

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Every basis is a dual basis. Annihilator of a subspace.

Lecture Notes on Linear Algebra

Dual Lagrange Interpolation. Basis of a given dual basis optional. Dirac Delta Functional optional. Unnecessary Operation? Rank 1 Matrix optional. Fundamental Rank Theorem. Product of elementary matrices. LU Decomposition optional.

The current version says "Third edition" on the front cover it also says Jan at the end of the Preface. For instructors who want to modify the text. Please, feel free. But as a favor I ask that you include a statement about your modifications.

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That way people making reports know who to write. I am glad to hear from both teachers and students. I enjoy hearing about the experience that folks have with the book and I find suggestions helpful, especially bug reports.

Lecture Notes for Linear Algebra

I save these and periodically revise. If you have something that you are able to share back then I'd be glad to take a look. For instance, I would love to have a topic on Machine Learning, or some sub-topic such as dimension reduction. Of course, I reserve the ability to choose whether to edit or include it. I gratefully acknowledge all the contributions that I use, or I can keep you anonymous. In particular, I would welcome exams or problem sets.

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Some instructors have questions about using a text where the answers to the exercises are downloadable. I can't resist noting that for any widely-available text any college student can get from the Internet copies of the answers. Also, in the past I tried witholding the answers and asking class instructors to email me for copies but that left me trying to determine identity via email, which is just not practical.

Thus additional sets of exercises without answers would answer the requests of some instructors.