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Photo by Alex Landeen from the factory at 4. It broke crisp and clean and has adjustable backlash. Shooting the Diamond Ultra re- minds you that ounce s with high-potency defensive loads generate recoil. The recoil isn't as uncomfort- able as a lightweight. I shot it with Lake City Match hardball. As an additional function test, I used some low-powered reloads with Blue Boy coated grain bul- lets. Operation was flawless and accu- racy was good.

I would have preferred grips with a more aggressive texture; the ball-milled aluminum grips were just not rough enough for me to keep the gun as anchored in my hands as I would have liked. Repeat shots were a bit slower, but running the 8-inch plates within the standard time was certainly doable from the low-ready firing position. My only other com- plaint was that the polishing that provided the super-high-sheen finish must have rounded the slide serrations a bit, and 3 -inch s are already no- ticeably stiff when racking the slide.

Life T. LIFE 96 H. LIFE N. Made Repr. Lots of orig. Only Models Listed Above Call my cell phone for some good gun stories. GROUP in. Black Hills FMJ 19 2. The Stainless 11 Classic Engraved Edi- tion is a full-sized with a satin sil- ver slide and frame. The slide has both front and rear serrations, and the flat sides and the top are scroll engraved in an open vine scroll pattern. The frame is engraved forward of the slide release, around the magazine release, on the flat mainspring housing and on the right side opposite the safety.

The engraving is much more attrac- tive than the roll-stamped engraving Tve seen on a lot of shotguns. It's very attractive. There's a beavertail grip safety but no enhanced bottom bump for thin hands. Sights are fixed, low profile with no dots. The skeletonized trigger on my test gun broke crisp and clean at 4. The gun also features two-toned smooth walnut grips with Ivory Micar- ta checkered inlays, which represent one of of the most striking features on the Stainless Shooting the Stainless 11 Classic is like spending time with an old friend.

The trigger is good; the sights are easy to see and are the traditional plain black sights 1 prefer. The checkering on the Ivory Micarta inserts provides a good purchase, and the ounce weight tames things down to normal levels. Accuracy was spot on with my first shot at 10 yards, taking out the A in the A zone of the target. Recovery is fast with the added weight going a long way to reconcile the recoil issue, and the longer and more textured grip provides a solid purchase. This isn't a target or race gun, but it's way beyond gundigest. While ril admit Tve never attended a Southwest barbeque that involved barbeque guns, 1 suspect such a soi- ree might also include a little friendly shooting competition.

My favorite version of this is nail driving, and the Stainless 11 Classic could certainly per- form the task. My adopted son, Chris Cerino, drove nails with a Colt Police Positive in the first Top Shot series, and he inspired me to get into nail driving and fly shooting. When a fly lights on a target in my classes, 1 stop the proceedings to demonstrate delib- erate shooting accuracy by shooting the fly. My yard group confirms this with nine shots in a ragged hole and probably five or more that would have pounded a twenty-penny nail through the board.

Bench rest testing of the two guns revealed the accuracy of the Stainless 11 Classic exceeded the accuracy of the Diamond Ultra, as would be expected. Off the bench at 25 yards, the Classic managed a couple of five-shot groups under 2 inches, doing best with Black Hills full metal jacket s. The best single group was with Remington Golden Saber at just less than 1. Bench testing the Diamond Ultra was a bit tougher because of its small size and considerable recoil.

My very best group was a bit less than 3 inches, but this is excellent accuracy for a small, concealed carry. I've never owned a bar- beque gun, and 1 don't frequent many high-class events. If 1 did, 1 certainly wouldn't feel out of place with either of the two Kimbers tested. He's a Distinguished Rifleman and former High Master who captained and coached a High Power rifle team on a national level, winning six Dogs of War medals.

His interests in shooting span from classic double shotguns to competitive pistol shooting. Fjestad G Jnbn B. Rnger Bleile Edited by S. All types of quality legal machine guns! Estate and Machine Gun Appraisals! Attorney Available for Trust or Estate Matters. Check out these great firearms for self-defense. These weapons — ARs, pistols and shotguns — have passed the test of time in battlefields and on city streets.

Well-made and quality-built guns like these are the type you can depend on when the odds may not be in your favor. Will they give you an advantage in a gunfight? Yep, and there is nothing wrong with that. Here are a few guns I have on my short list that are as suitable for tactical operations as they are for home defense. Starting with Wilson Combat's precision-machined and hand-fitted forged slide and frame along with their match-grade barrel for impeccable reliability and precise accuracy, Vickers added a bobbed high-ride beavertail grip safety, round-butt magazine well and a special.

The Vickers Duty Magazine has a reinforced, solid tube for added strength, a newly engineered follower with sand cuts and a last-round retention feature. Pretty darn close to near perfect. Its newest is the VP9, and it is one of the most ergonomic pistols available today. The modular grip features two different size backstraps and side panels offering 27 differ- ent combinations, so you can custom fit the pistol to your hand and shooting style. Plus, the VP9's controls are ambidextrous. Shoots the black out of targets, too. Remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver as you normally would, then remove the bolt carrier from the upper.

The barrel can then be removed from the upper receiver by pulling down on two sliding latches, rotating the barrel and pulling it free from the handguard. The disassembled rifle neatly stows in a small knapsack for discreet carry. Plus, you can swap out calibers to. You might think that an award-winning riflescope like this comes at a hefty price. That makesyow the winner. A mere 1 1. The lower receiver is custom machined from billet aluminum and has a custom tiger stripe finish.

The 1 6-inch stainless barrel features an ionbond finish and is sheathed in a rifle-length free float KeyMod handguard. The full-length Picatinny rail allows an operator to mount an assortment of optic types to get the most out of the 1 6-inch medium-profile barrel, which is free floated in a Ml 1 5-inch Key Mod handrail.

This gun is built to fight and defend. Box , Palm Coast, FL If you are moving or renewing a subscription, please attach your mailing label. It is a proved platform with millions of s manufactured and in use. This model features an enhanced pistol grip and SuperCell recoil pad to take the bite out of the 1 2-gauge recoil. This shotgun is a workhorse with experience on the street and the battlefield.

It also offers XS ghost ring sights, a heavy walled barrel for heavy-duty use and has a parkerized finish so it is impervious to the elements. The versatility of the Photon lineup provides an edge to both the average hunter and the more advanced shooter, delivering a high performance optic at an affordable price. The intuitive interface is designed with a high resolution display that provides long eye relief with a front focused objective lens. Shooters can also utilize the Photon's six digital reticle styles for daytime or nighttime use in a durable shockproof and waterproof design.

Models available: Photorr XT 4. Heli, people have been customizing cars, shoes and everything un- der the sun since antiquity. Skeptics out there are already bemoaning the impossibility of matching the AR's countless ar- ray of aftermarket parts and ability to change calibers at will. They're not wrong, but SIG is circumvent- ing the limiting nature of pistol designs regarding caliber by rede- fining what the pistol legally is.

As with any firearm, the ATF classifies the serialized part as the de facto firearm. That serialized part cannot be sent directly to an individual's home without a proper FFL. This is important because for most polymer pistols, shooters wanting a different color grip or a new variation must buy a new handgun. SlG's solution is to create a modular internal frame compo- nent consisting of a trigger group and serialized receiver that can ac- cept different grip types, colors and even calibers. Because those parts aren't considered "firearms," they can be sent directly to the shooter's home.

SIG even renamed the grip component as a Grip Shell to fur- ther distinguish it from the serial- ized portion.

Gun Digest 12222, 73rd Edition

It should. SIG introduced this idea back in with its P line of hand- guns. Shown here with a suppressor and laser sight. Author Photo fired, while the P is striker-fired. The reason SIG made this change is because they found, like so many others, that Americans are now fully accustomed to striker-fired handguns. Between their ever-consistent trigger pull, snagfree internalized design and idiotproof sim- plicity, these pistols are an easy sell to new shooters and veteran handgunners alike.

The model reviewed is the P Compact. However, the Compact's grip shell still accepts full-sized magazines and even the full-length slide assembly. Alterna- tively, the full-sized barrel can be in- stalled in a compact frame, but it pro- trudes out past the end of the frame. The obvious advantage of this modularity is for shooters who want to buy a carry pistol that can also be converted into a full-sized bedside gun or competition handgun. The less obvious benefit is the translation of skills and muscle memory from range plinker to carry gun.

Most people don't get enough trigger time on their concealed carry pistol to be as effec- tive as possible in a life or death situ- ation. The reasons are many, but for most it boils down to carry guns being unpleasant to fire. They choose some- thing too powerful, too compact or both. The P alleviates this by mak- ing the choice less permanent. Shoot- ers who bought the P Subcompact in. Another benefit of the interchange- able Grip Shell system is it also takes pressure off new shooters looking for a first pistol. Many newbies don't yet understand what constitutes a proper- ly fitting handgun, but after weeks or months of shooting experience, they may find their chosen handgun could be better.

Now, these shooters can pur- chase additional Grip Shell sizes as their taste matures. For example. After thousands of rounds downrange, I became proficient with the handgun and learned to work around the ill-fitting grip, but I could have been much better served with a thinner or smaller-gripped pistol.

With the small diameter grip on the P, even my petite wife can reach every control on the pistol without shifting her grip — something she can't even do on a The number of controls on the P is also very limited. There are four con- trols on the entire firearm: the trigger, magazine release, slide stop and disas- sembly lever.

Full text of "Gun Digest November "

Notice the lack of exter- nal safety on the handgun. To the un- informed, this may seem like a recipe for disaster, but truthfully it shows SIG understands what combat or concealed carry pistols need most. With a shooter's heart beating loud enough they can't hear their surroundings, the last thing an adren- aline-fueled, shaky-handed defender needs is to mess with a safety lever.

Self-defense theory and tactics aside, the P lives up to SIG's reputation for creating solid, dependable hand- guns without compromise.

In testing, the P Compact was shot with all frames and two variations of magazines full and compact length and ran without issue across rounds of various ammo types. Additionally, since SIG was kind enough to include their P Compact Conversion Kit, I ran all the variations of barrel and slide assemblies possible and never managed to cause the pistol to malfunction. I even had a chance to run the P Compact with an extended, threaded bar- rel topped with a SilencerCo Osprey 45 sound suppressor.

Surprisingly, the SIG made an excellent host — not simply because of its great ergonomics and stellar reliability, but also due to its reduced weight. This is surprising because I was initially concerned the light heft of the P Compact would balance strangely with the oversized suppressor. A silencer on your firearm can make the powerscisv world a quieter place too. Accuracy from the P is on par with other handguns of the same size, performing better than most shoot- ers can manage.

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The fixed sights were thankfully dead on from the factory and — much to the delight of defen- sive-minded shooters — are photolu- minescent for fast sight acquisition in low-light settings. The pistol ships with a kydex hol- ster, two 13 -round Mec-Gar magazines and a fitted polymer carrying case. Ad- ditional Grip Shells, holsters, maga- zines, barrels and other accessories can be purchased either directly from SIG or other resellers.

Add to this its ability to incorporate different frames, calibers and colors, and shoot- ers get an ultra-modular pistol from a trusted manufacturer with decades of experience building combat-ready pistols. Shooters torn between various sizes and capacities of pistols can't find a better solution to their pistol woes than the SIG P Compact, cdtm Jim Grant is a freelance writer and photographer in love with all things 2nd Amendment.

When not hiking with his wife and dog, he is collecting or shooting both historical and tactical firearms. Discounts cannot be applied to previous purchases. Valid for one use per customer only.

Other exclusions may apply. Here, seven of the most common debunked. You see Tve been lucky throughout the years in the in- structors with whom 1 have crossed paths. With only a few exceptions, the instructors Tve gravitated to- ward presented valid information that has repeatedly stood the test of real-world time. So, 1 had to pull up information from those "few excep- tions" to come up with the myths.

Your ideas and experi- ences may be different, but the in- formation presented here is based on my training and experience collected over the last 37 plus years. Well, any- way, here goes nothing. Most of the studies are based either on simulated gunfights under labo- ratory conditions or interviews with individuals involved in gunfights. In the case of the former, no simulation, no matter how carefully constructed, can exactly re-construct what occurs in real life.

More on that later. In the latter case. I've read lots of studies based on participant interviews, and with those supporting the "won't- use-your-sights" theory, one thing always jumps out at me. We will ac- cept that an individual will perform any number of actions without con- scious thought as a result of deeply ingrained training leading to uncon- scious competence. When, however, that same participant expresses any doubt about using the sights — an ac- tion they have performed literally thousands of times — the researcher will immediately conclude the sights were not utilized.

If you accept that the shooter performs various actions due to ingrained training, why do we discount that phenomenon when it comes to using the sights? Could it be that the shooter used the sights and just didn't register the action because it was so ingrained he performed it without conscious thought? Well, I've done my own study. Thir- ty years of police work with 15 years on my department's full-time SWAT team and wait for it two shootings.

And 1 used my sights in both instances. Friends of mine who have preformed well in shootings will say they per- formed well because they used their sights. We used our sights because we trained with outstanding instructors who demanded excellence. Then we obtained the experience to remain calm under pressure. If you disregard your sighting system iron sights, red dot or visible laser and fixate on your target, you will most likely miss. History has shown, however, that unsighted fire leads to failure in actual shootings. Remember, the universal hit rate is percent. A hundred percent of the time you launch a projectile down range, you will hit something.

Using the sights gives you the best chance of hitting your intended target and solving your problem. Fixating on the threat and blowing rounds somewhere down there ensures you'll likely miss your intended target and hit an un- intended target. That unintended target may be an inanimate object or a 4-year-old child. It's your choice. Ensure success or accept failure. No way! Don't get me wrong.

Force-on-force training is a vi- tal category of training and, if done right, can give you a low-level base of experience — the final level of training. But force-on-force is not "exactly like real life. Remember those two shootings? First, force-on-force training should be carefully constructed to validate training presented in the class. The training should provide you with all the answers. All you need to do is figure out the question during the exercise. Next, the best exercises are based on real world events, not the instructor's imagination. Last, the in- structor should not allow the exercise to descend to the level of a paintball game or allow the students to "stress out" Man, 1 hate that word.

Exercises should be carefully controlled so the student achieves all the needed train- ing goals. But, to be clear, force-on- force is not "just like real life. Further, in a real event. You must have highly developed physical and mental skills to perform at a level that will ensure success. A fighting or combat mindset without the skills to back up that mindset is useless. Do you have a collection that you want to sell or trade - in?

If so, let Turnbull help you! We specialize in locating hard to find guns. We will also buy or trade for your old collection. We would like to use our knowledge and connections to help you find the gun for your collection. Call Turnbull today and let us be your personal Gun Broker!


So many people in the defensive weapon craft community want to take short cuts in training. Go ahead, it's only life and death. What is your life worth to you? Put in the work, and you won't have to rise to the occasion. The occasion will have to rise to your level of competence, and you will have won before the fight even begins. With the exception of natural point of aim, there's nothing about using a gun that's instinctive or natural. It's learned behavior.

You either learned it in a class, saw it on TV, heard someone talking about whatever it is you think came natural or you learned it by some other means. How do 1 know? If this activity was natural or instinctive, anyone of any age could shoot. They wouldn't need to be taught; they would instinctively know what to do. It would be truly hardwired behavior. Ask yourself: Did you know how to shoot before someone taught you?

Of course not! Shooting is learned behavior. Either way, he's shortchanging the stu- dent. The technique may be perfectly valid. But it's learned behavior. Find an instructor who knows how to teach. A couple ex- amples come to mind. Years ago, there was this popular idea that — when sur- prised — everyone would crouch down and square up to the perceived threat. Remember that thing about me being as- signed to a full-time SWAT team for over 15 years?

Well, my buddies and 1 thought about that. Want to see someone surprised? Knock down their door and burst through point- ing guns at them, throwing flash bangs and yelling to get on the ground. Then you see what people really do when startled. Freeze in place, turn and run, assume a fetal posi- tion lying, sitting or standing no less but very few squared up to us because those were the ones that got launched, and very few got launched! Most people, after an initial shock, followed directions. The reactions to our induced shock were individual.

Nobody did the same thing as the last guy. The second example is the universal startle reflex, i. Ummm, ever been hit in the face by a fist, pillow, ball etc? Hands didn't come up, eh? Let that happen enough, and you'll get those hands up. Practice it enough, and throw- ing your hands up in a startle response indeed becomes in- grained. It can become ingrained to the point you may just do that instead of what is really needed in the moment like moving, going directly to your gun or deflecting an incom- ing punch or gun pointing at you.

You can build similar actions among a training popula- tion. That can be good or bad based on the nature of the in- struction. Responses have to be based on the circumstances of the event. Broad-based skills are important, but you must be able to remain calm enough to select the right tool for the job. If you buy into the universal action myth, you may just find the universal action you had to be taught anyway doesn't fit your problem.

That means you've wasted time, and time is a commodity you don't have in a life or death situation. I'm a horrible person. In response to that stim- ulus, she did not, in fact, perform a universal action of lift- ing her hands to protect her head.

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In fact, the sponge ball bounced off her head. She thought that was hilarious! It was a sponge ball! After several attempts and Pawpaw show- ing her how to get her hands up, she's starting to get pretty good at getting her hands on the ball. Catching will come. She had to learn how to lift her hands to protect her head. Nothing I've stated so far is my original idea. I have read comments and counter comments to virtually all the myths presented here and compared the credentials of the commenters.

Heck, bouncing the sponge ball come on, it was just a sponge ball off the granddaughter's head wasn't even my idea! So when this myth came up years ago, I was cu- rious if it had validity. I talked to doc- tors and a variety of trainers who both did and did not agree with the concept. The doc- tors, who included sports medicine specialists and cardiologists, all said the concept was without merit. I deferred to the docs, and this myth has pretty much been de-bunked over time. The docs all indicated the same thing. If your heart beats too slow or Virtually no aspect of shooting is instinctive or natural.

Only training will ensure you act appropri- ately in the situation. Not good! That's the only effect your heart has on performance. As long as your heart beats within a range that doesn't adversely affect your health — in other words you die — you can pret- ty much do whatever you have trained to do. Pretty simple actually. This myth relates to myth 5 in that the proponents of this myth advance the idea that everyone will experience the same effects under stress Oh Lord, oh Lord, I really, really hate that word.

Only hard work and a harder ass will save you here. This place mirrors our own exacting standards. We spend more time criticizing our ammo than making it. Every round undergoes harsh scrutiny, by hand. Vbu betcha. Some folks can sleep soundly through the craziest of circumstances while others fall apart if their mail is late.

Beyond perception, we are all wired differently in relation to our individual ability to manage stressful situations. Training and ex- perience can help us manage critical incidents more efficiently, but on a vir- tual cellular level, some folks will just always do better than others in these situations. Why do 1 hate the word stress so much? It's a perfectly good word. It's only six letters. It's easy to spell. And it's also so overused it has virtually no meaning left.

Everything is stressful to someone. There's no way we can say that any of us have universal responses to stress. Folks, simply put this one out of your mind. Might you be excited in a shooting? Might you wet your pants? Might you stand there and sling lead like you've done it everyday of your life and it's a perfectly normal part of you day? And you won't know exactly how you're going to re- act in that situation until you've been there. So, there they are. Seven myths I've encountered in my many years of training and engaging in the defen- sive application of firearms.

Some are the result of well-meaning individu- als attempting to explain something they just did not really understand or because they didn't have the skills nec- essary to investigate the issue. Others have come about because someone was simply trying to differentiate his train- ing program from another instructor's. Either way, they are myths that abso- lutely get in the way of training proven over time in the hands of competent operators. If anything, 1 hope this in- formation can help you avoid these myths and keep you from wasting your limited training time and money on non-productive concepts, cdtm Showmasters Gun Stiows.

V February Based on the success of that release, Ithaca is proud to ofler our Carry version of the 1 91 1. This pistol comes standard with a full sized grip and a 4. We are proud that our firearms are built by Ithaca's dedicated employees in Ohio, with the final assembly done by true gunsmiths who love guns as much as you do. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt. Offer good while supplies last.

Original coupon must be presented. Limit one coupon per customer per day. X 20 FT. Not valid on prior purchases. I Original coupon must be presented. We have invested millions of dollars in our own state-of-the-art quality test labs and millions more in our factories, so our tools will go toe-to-toe with the top professional brands. And we can sell them for a fraction of the price because we cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to you.

Come visit one of our Stores Nationwide. I Offer good while supplies last. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prio? Original coupon must be. Original coupon must be I presented.

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Cannot be used with other discount or coupon c. Offer good whiie supplies last. Original coupon must he presented. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior purchases after 30 days from originai purchase with original receipt. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior] purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt, t Offer good while supplies last. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior : purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt. Original coupon must be i presented. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior I purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt.

UII:llllllll ri. While currently used by some foreign government agencies, the KlOO and its sibiings are aiso catching on here in the U. Disassembly for cleaning is simple. While holding the dis- assembly latch down, pull the slide back and lift at the rear. Doug Larson photos Then carefully allow the slide to move forward and separate it from the frame. Next, remove the recoil spring from the guide rod.

Finally, separate the barrel from the slide. From the first use, it was like getting a new set of eyes Veteran-owned, SAM Registered. In- stead of a tilt-barrel, modified Brown- ing design, it uses a rotating barrel, which helps make shooting the gun easier. While recoil is perceived dif- ferently by shooters, 1 found it to be quite a bit less compared to other guns in the same chambering and of simi- lar size and weight boasting of reduced felt recoil. The test gun also proved to be quite a bit more accurate than many other guns of similar size 1 have tested. Unlike many currently produced pistols, this one does not have a barrel with a link that swivels on a pin, or an under-lug that rides on a earning sur- face to tilt the rear of the barrel down to unlock it from the slide.

Instead, unlocking occurs when, under recoil. The bore axis remains in the same orientation to the slide and frame, which allows the barrel to be set slightly lower in the frame, putting it closer to the shooter's hand. This in turn reduces the recoil's leverage on the shooter's wrist and makes it easier to control muzzle flip. As a result, the sights get back on target faster and re- coil feels less. The comfort factor is important but is highly subjective, and what may be comfortable to one may not be for others.

However, with four interchangeable backstraps of different sizes, it is likely the KlOO's grip size can be adjusted to suit most anyone. And it is easy to do. Just pry the backstrap off and snap on a replacement. Another notable feature of the KlOO Mkl2 is that controls really are ambidextrous. An identical but reversed thumb safety, slide catch and magazine release are located on both sides of the gun. The only thing that isn't ambidextrous is the ejection port, but on a handgun, that is generally of no consequence.

Although two different trigger pulls must be mastered with the KlOO, the test gun's trigger had a very smooth, consistent pull of about 10 pounds in the double-action mode, and when in single-action mode, it broke cleanly without any creep at about 5 pounds after a small amount of take-up. There was no perceived overtravel, and reset was distinct. The trigger has a grooved surface to reduce slip- page and was comfortable over long periods of shooting. Walmart Tell us if something is incorrect. Out of stock. Get In-Stock Alert. Delivery not available. Pickup not available. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information.

Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. With this book, the gun owner - whether novice or experienced - will learn everything he or she needs to know to safely keep a firearm and, if the need arises, use it with confidence. Customer Reviews.

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Wonderfully illustrated with full-color photography, Goddard's book guides you through the knifemaking process from start to finish and even includes a budget breakdown showing everything you need is available to bargain prices. Goddard even explains and demonstrates the making of wire Damascus blades with the simplest of tools. Read More. Special Order. Special Order items are usually fulfilled in weeks. Cannot combine other item s in one order.